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Enjoy a smooth ride on sand thanks to the suspension of the Magic Mobility Extreme X8


With its articulated front chassis and low-pressure tires, you will enjoy incredible riding comfort on any surface.


The X8 is your partner to almost any destination. Sand, mud, snow and every terrain* you can throw at it. With unrivalled off-road performance and reliability, the X8 isperfect for outdoor adventurers, explorers and rural workers. If the great outdoors is where you want to be, the Extreme X8 is waiting to take you there!

Off-road power wheelchair for all types of outdoor surfaces, with four-wheel drive.

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Four independent, high speed, high torque and high efficiency motors

Unbeatable kerb and step climbing ability

Exceptionally smooth and jolt-free ride

Sand, mund, snow, unpaved roads, enjoy like never before!

Magic Mobility Extreme X8

4x4 Powered Wheelchair

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* Like any powered wheelchair, Magic Mobility wheelchairs should never be used in water, on the shores of rivers, streams or in the sea.

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Magic Mobility Extreme X8 

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Four independent engines, large 14" wheels with low-pressure all-terrain tires with lugs, and an articulated front suspension..