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Discover the next evolution of the JIVE powered wheelchair family from QUICKIE - the JIVE UP standing wheelchair. Combining the indoor agility and outdoor high performance of the JIVE-M with a multi-functional seat, you‘re now able to enjoy both seated and standing positions from the comfort of your JIVE UP.

With a simple touch of a button, be eye-to-eye with the world around you and enjoy all of the benefits of a standing wheelchair - combined with the freedom and independence that only the JIVE UP can provide.

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QUICKIE - Live Without Limits
QUICKIE - Live Without Limits

You want cutting-edge wheelchair technology that keeps pace with the demands of your active life? For over 25 years, QUICKIE has listened, researched, tested and delivered. Through state-of-the-art design, superior performance and a customized build, QUICKIE wheelchairs empower you to live without limits.

The best way to experience the QUICKIE JIVE UP is to experience it yourself. STAND UP for the life you want to live and book your FREE product demonstration today, at a time that's right for you.

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The standing wheelchair with unrivalled outdoor performance!

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It's a multi-functional seating system

Access any seated position with a simple press of a button with the (optional) function switch box:

  1. See the world eye-to-eye with fully stand-up
  2. Easily transfer in/out of your seat with forward tilt 
  3. Relax with the recline, tilt and legs up position
  4. Lie down with the straight horizontal position
  5. Or default back to your desired sitting position (that's freely programmable to your needs)

Plus, unlike other standing wheelchairs, you can move to any seat position immediately (regardless of your current choice) - so you can go from lying down straight to standing!

Would you like to try it for yourself?

With outdoor performance that rocks!

// Be seated correctly during recline

With the anti-shear backrest, the movement of the back upholstery and armrests follow the position of your body during recline. The result - you're not only kept in the correct seated position during recline but your headrest, laterals and chin control are too.

// Powerful outdoor performance

Got a need for speed? The powerful 4-pole motors provide serious outdoor performance speeds of 6 kph, 10 kph or 13 kph. Everyone can go anywhere with JIVE UP!

// A smooth ride over any terrain

SpiderTrac suspension provides independent movement of all six wheels, giving the JIVE UP the ability to crawl up and down steep obstacles whilst always keeping you stable and comfortable.

// Seat positions at your fingertips

You can change to any of your five pre-defined seat positions at a press of a button, regardless of what your current seat position is! Read More


But it's more than just a standing wheelchair.

// Superior manoeuverability

The JIVE UP turns on its own axis, for an ultra-small turning circle. Intuitive to drive, it's ideal if you have difficulty driving a powerchair or are using switches or head controls.

// Any seat position is possible

The JIVE UP isn't just a standing wheelchair,  it's a multi-functioning seat! Lie flat, stand, transfer or relax in a tilted position - you can even pre-program your own unique seat position! Read More


The QUICKIE JIVE UP offers the very best outdoor performance of any standing wheelchair on the market today. 

Providing a smooth, safe and comfortable ride across multiple terrains, the innovative SpiderTrac® suspension system absorbs all those bumps as you travel along, delivering possibly the smoothest ride on the market - even on uneven terrain. SpiderTrac® provides gradual, smooth and stable descent down kerbs of up to 10 cm (4“).

High torque motors also mean that you‘ll effortlessly climb slopes of up to 10% and power over rough, rugged terrain with ease too. The seating position also adds more weight to the drive wheel, perfect for increasing traction, stability and decreasing sliding when outdoors.

You really have to experience it to believe it! 


Experience it to believe it! Arrange for your FREE demonstration today.


Featuring 5 memory seating positions that can be altered at the touch of a button. So if anything changes, your JIVE UP will change with you!

Starting from £15,550

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